Specializes in utility skills and powerful area attacks. Also has high resistance.

Wizards are 1 of the 6 hero classes in Crusaders Quest. During battle, they will stay in the backline of the party, casting spells at enemies. Wizards' resistance ratings are always higher than their armor ratings. The legendary wizards are Black Witch Dorothy and Magical Girl Cano.

Wizards and priests make up the two support classes in the game. Despite this, wizards play a similar role to hunters and archers, providing high attack power at the expense of HP.

List of WizardsEdit

Legendary WizardEdit

Genius Dorothy
Genius Witch Dorothy
Purple Light Witch Dorothy
Red Witch Dorothy
Black Witch Dorothy
Top Student Cano
Beautiful Cano
Transformed Cano
Popstar Cano
Magical Girl Cano

Master WizardsEdit

Archon the Undiscovered
Archon the Enlightened
Grim Reaper Korin
Death Messenger Korin
Sasquatch of Cold
Freezing Sasquatch
Night Queen Lilith
Night Goddess Lilith
Succubus Rachel
Succubus Queen Rachel
Queen Alice
Spade Queen Alice
Nazrune of Harmony
Nazrune of Nature
Mondrian the Scholar
Mondrian the Savant
Dark Magician Necron
Soul Magician Necron
Demeter in the Wheat Field
Demeter in the Golden Wheat Field
Inquisitor Uriel
Grand Inquisitor Uriel
Researcher Benjamin
Creater Benjamin
Phantom Thief Lupeow
Notorious Phantom Thief Lupeow
Hermit Vesper
Awakened Vesper
Dollmaker Violet
Magical Dollmaker Violet
Yichui of Moonlight
Yichui of Moonblossom

Normal WizardsEdit

Name Rarity How to Obtain
Stormy Ninja StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-13
Neth Army Female Executive StarStarStar Tundra 1-29
Vampire StarStarStar Volcano 4-23
Lost Mountain Girl StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-23
Space Cadet B StarStarStar
Enlightened Sea Otter StarStarStar Volcano 4-13
Mechanical Girl - 0 StarStarStar Tundra 1-27
Private Occultist StarStarStar Volcano 4-19
Santa Claus StarStarStar Ancient Dungeon
Lovely Chocolat StarStarStar Event
Frost Mage StarStarStar Tundra 1-23
Witch Delivery Trainee StarStar Deep Sea 3-21
Common Magician StarStar Desert 2-3
Royal Magic Student StarStar Desert 2-17
Druid Elf StarStar Volcano 4-3
Royal Librarian StarStar Deep Sea 3-15
Elegant Lady StarStar Volcano 4-17
Dancer StarStar Ancient Dungeon
Robotics Engineer StarStar Tundra 1-11
Nerd Star Forest 1-7
Magic Student Star Forest 1-13
Old Man Neighbor Star Desert 2-23
Clock Repairman Star Black and White 4

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