Specializes in close quarter combat. Possesses powerful melee skills and strong physical attacks.

Warriors are 1 of the 6 hero classes in Crusaders Quest. During battle, they lead the party on the front line, striking enemies with melee weapons and tanking enemy damage. Warriors' armor ratings are always much higher than their resistance ratings. The legendary warriors are Leon of Light and Victor Rochefort.

Warriors and paladins make up the two melee classes in the game. Compared to the ranged classes, archers and hunters, they tend to have more HP at the expense of attack power but they can still pack a punch, especially in arena.

List of WarriorsEdit

Legendary WarriorsEdit

Skilled Leon
Famous Leon
Leon of Destiny
Leon of Fate
Leon of Light
Libertine Rochefort
Romantic Rochefort
One-Eyed Rochefort
Musketeer Rochefort
Victor Rochefort

Master WarriorsEdit

Joan of Arc
Knight Joan of Arc
Steel Knight Joan of Arc
Warrior Susanoo
Shogun Susanoo
Devil Vivian
Absolute Devil Vivian
Monte Proto
Mass Produced Monte
Monte Cristo
Kaori of Victory
Kaori the Undefeated
Devil Hunter Abel
Devil Slayer Abel
Uzimant the Undefeated
Tribal King Uzimant
B. Sworden
Magistrate B. Sworden
Captain B. Sworden
Mad Isabel
Psychic Isabel
Aqua King Koxinga
Ocean King Koxinga
Victoria of the Battlefield
Victoria of the Oath
Suffering Lionel
Black Knight Lionel
Insomniac Arita
Forest Witch Arita
Jiangsi Sien
Mad Jiansi Sien
Borgos of Darkness
Overlord Borgos of Darkness
Ghost Eye Bihyeongrang
Ghost King Bihyeongrang

Normal WarriorsEdit

Name Rarity How to Obtain
Wing Knight StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-23
Southern Guard StarStarStar Desert 2-21
Sister Knight StarStarStar Volcano 4-9
Space Swordsman StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-19
Brave Dog StarStarStar Volcano 4-13
Space Cadet R StarStarStar Disarm 14
Banshee StarStarStar Volcano 4-23
Private Kendo Club StarStarStar Volcano 4-19
Snowman StarStarStar Ancient Dungeon
Wolf Guard StarStarStar Tundra 1-15
Warrior StarStar Deep Sea 3-13
Apprentice Knight StarStar Forest 1-19
Green Knight StarStar Desert 2-10
Naval Recruit StarStar Deep Sea 3-1
Royal Athlete StarStar Desert 2-17
Amazon StarStar Deep Sea 3-9
Central Empire Soldier StarStar Volcano 4-15
Ice Sculptor StarStar Tundra 1-2
Young Villager Star Forest 1-5
Squire Star Forest 1-13
Farm Boy Star Forest 1-23
Treasure Hunter Star Disarm 4

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