Possesses skills to heal allies and aid in battle.

Priests are a hero class in Crusaders Quest. In battle, they stay in the backline of the party, attacking enemies and healing allies. Priests usually have the same armor and resistance ratings, with a few exceptions. The legendary priests are Savior Saintess Maria and Black Sister Melissa.

Priests and wizards make up the two support classes in the game. Priests have moderate HP and attack power, and have skills aimed towards restoring HP during battle.

List of PriestsEdit

Legendary PriestsEdit

Sister Maria
Mother Superior Maria
Saintess Maria
Saintess of Salvation Maria
Savior Saintess Maria
Crusader Melissa
Melissa of the Wilderness
Melissa of Truth
Wandering Melissa
Black Sister Melissa

Master PriestsEdit

Cat Mew
Cat Master Mew
Nightingale of Salvation
Nightingale of Light
Stunning Yeowoodong
Nine Tailed Fox Yeowoodong
Dangerous Nurspy
Emergency Relief Nurspy
Shaman Himiko
Great Shaman Himiko
Woompa Woopa
Roompa Woopa
Woomparoom Woopa
Tenacious Stein
Mad Scientist Stein
Gourmet Chai
Food Hunter Chai
Dara of Hope
Dara of Joy
Exorcist Beatrice
Demon Destoyer Beatrice
Arrogant Orfeo
Orfeo of Temptation
Fortune Teller Aria
Aria of the Stars
Resistance Yuria
Neth Army Officer Yuria
Forbidden Faust
Vain Faust
Tempestuous Seiren
Ambassador Seiren
Divine Knight Noel
Divine Guardian Noel

Normal PriestsEdit

Name Rarity How to Obtain
Meowcat StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-11
Roman Priest StarStarStar Desert 2-19
First Class Maid StarStarStar
Nurse Student StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-19
Mother Superior StarStarStar Ancient Dungeon
Space Cadet P StarStarStar
Bear Fancier StarStarStar Volcano 4-21
Private Health Nurse StarStarStar
A.K.A. Rudolph StarStarStar Ancient Dungeon
Chocolat StarStarStar Event
Herb Collector StarStarStar Tundra 1-3
Elder StarStar Desert 2-12
Butler StarStar Volcano 4-9
Head Sister StarStar Volcano 4-15
Voodoo Shaman StarStar Desert 2-16
Royal Chef StarStar Ancient Dungeon
Handsome Youth StarStar Ancient Dungeon
Saintess Group of Light StarStar Ancient Dungeon
Novelist StarStar Tundra 1-13
Pastor Star Forest 1-17
Sister Star Forest 1-21
Healer Star Desert 2-7
Rank 9 Public Official Star Black and White 4

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