Specializes in protecting allies and incapacitating enemies with great endurance.

Paladins are 1 of the 6 hero classes in Crusaders Quest. During battle, they lead the party on the front line, striking enemies with melee weapons and tanking enemy damage. Paladins' resistance ratings are always much higher than their armor ratings. The legendary paladins are Kriemhild of Oath and Roland of Honor.

Paladins and warriors make up the two melee classes in the game. Compared to the ranged classes, archers and hunters, they tend to have more HP at the expense of attack power.

List of PaladinsEdit

Legendary PaladinsEdit

Cursed Kriemhild
Kriemhild of Misfortune
Kriemhild of Massacre
Kriemhild of Protection
Kriemhild of Oath
Strong Roland
Monk Roland
Shining Roland
Roland of Justice
Roland of Honor

Master PaladinsEdit

Thor of the North
Thor of Severe Cold
King Alexander the Great
Emperor Alexander
Hero Achilles
War God Achilles
Pirate Drake
Nobleman Drake
White Beard Drake
Vane of Dark
Vane the Dark Knight
Devil Cain
True Devil Cain
Stanya the Destroyer
Stanya the Annihilator
Colonel Mundeok
General Mundeok
Wondering Hector
Hector of Steel
Holy Warrior Athena
Athena the Saintess of the Battlefield
Siegfried in the Dream
Siegfried the Dragon Paladin
Steel Warrior Dullahan
Dullahan of the Apocalypse
Red Captain
Captain of the Gatcha Rangers
Chief Wolfgang
Frost Hammer Wolfgang

Normal PaladinsEdit

Name Rarity How to Obtain
Roman Soldier StarStarStar Desert 2-19
Royal Guard StarStarStar Forest 1-2 Hard Mode
Navy Officer StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-17
Bear Grills StarStarStar Volcano 4-11
Space Cadet K StarStarStar Gravity 14
Andre StarStarStar Volcano 4-5
Little Devil StarStarStar Volcano 4-21
Royal Guidance Counselor StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-21
Bear Guy StarStarStar Ancient Dungeon
Ice Miner StarStarStar Tundra 1-17
Sentry StarStar Forest 1-15
Guard StarStar Desert 2-5
Forest Guardian StarStar Forest 1-21
Eastern Kingdom Soldier StarStar Deep Sea 3-11
Private Football Club StarStar Desert 2-12
War Priest StarStar Volcano 4-17
Popular Clerk StarStar Gravity 9
ULT - 28 StarStar Tundra 1-5
Woodcutter Star Forest 1-11
Pirate Star Deep Sea 3-3
Apprentice Blacksmith Star Desert 2-23
Town Thug Star Gravity 4

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