Legend of Primal Flames

Legend of Primal Flames DungeonEdit

The Legend of Primal Flames Dungeon was added to the game on June 1st, 2017. The dungeon, similar to the Fortress of Souls, is a daily type dungeon that requires tokens of flame to enter. A player may hold up to three tokens at once, and tokens refill each day at 17:00 PDT. (Tokens can be bought for gems however, and allow the player to bypass the daily limit.)

Special rings and items may be found in the Velvet Box of Flames earned in this dungeon. After a while, the dungeon branches into two different paths. Depending on which path you choose, you will enter either the jungle or the volcano.

The Velvet Box of Flames Edit

Contains one of three possible rewards:

-Rings (These are extremely useful as they are rings that have special effects in Colosseum; boosting the players fighting ability.)

There are 13 different exclusive rings:

  • Ebony Demon Ring *5 (Attack +170-230)
  • Ivory Demon Talisman *6 (Attack +199-230)
  • Ring of the Thunderbird *5 (Critical Chance + 6-8.1%)
  • Ring of Heaven's Thunderbird *6 (Critical Chance + 7-8.1%)
  • Token of the Mysterious Lady *5 (Critical Dmg + 25.5-34.5%)
  • Charm of Veiled Protection *6 (Critical Dmg + 29.8-34.5%)
  • Dreamfinder Ring *5 (Armor + 136-184)
  • Crimson Dreamfinder Ring *6 (Armor + 159-184)
  • Holy Ritual *5 (Resistance + 136-184)
  • Holy Prayer of Flames *6 (Resistance + 159-184)
  • Small Moonlight Ring *5 (Life Steal +6-8.1%)
  • Crimson Crescent Moon Ring *6 (Life Steal + 7-8.1%)
  • Relic of the First Priestess *5 (Attack + 170-230)

There are several special effects including effects exclusive to Colosseum and effects exclusive to Scenario, including but not limited to Additional Chest Gold, Resurrection (once per round), Physical Dmg Boost, Magic Dmg Boost, Resistance Boost, Armor Boost, Health Boost and Crit Resist.

-Essence of Mana: These are used to convert ring options. These can also be obtained through extracting rings (essentially it's salvaging the rings).

-Essence of Flames: These are used to upgrade the ring's rank.

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