If you like the hero’s stats but not the looks, if you want to see your hero’s new side, You might really like these Skins.Skins are new items that will change a hero’s appearance, and will also give more stats.Hero Skins can be purchased in the Store for 40 Jewels.

                    Hero                      Skin                 Bonus
Leon of Light


Selected Leon
Atk. Power 70

Armor ​​    ​200
Archon the Enlightened


Teacher Archon
Atk. Power 200
Devil Bullet No. 9


Bunny Girl No.9
​Atk. Power      110

Critical Damage 20%
Cat Master Mew


Mew on Summer Vacation
Atk. Power 70 

HP        700
Thor of Severe Cold


Prince Thor
HP             1000 

Armor          200
Hawk Eye Hikari


Private Archer Club Hikari
Atk. Power     100 

Critical Chance 7%
Steel Knight Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc

Jeanne d' Arc the Knight of Rose
Resistance   200

HP           800
Emperor Alexander


Alexander in Summer vacation
Armor           200 

HP              800
Super Mandy


Lollipop Mandy
Critical Chance 5% 

Hp              800
Freezing Sasquatch

Freezing Sasquatch

Sasquatch of the North
HP             1000
Critical Damage 20%
Nine Tailed Fox Yeowoodong


Yeowoodong Under moonlight
Atk. Power       200


Spring Bride R-0
Atk. Power     150 

Accuracy        2%

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