Monuments System and Fame Edit


Fame is displayed in the top right of the Account Information tab.

The Monuments System was added into the game in February 2017. Fame is a measure of how much you have progressed in the game. As of April 2017, there are 14 ways to obtain fame as well as 14 unique monuments you can obtain in the display cases.

Fame Edit

This is a simple measurement of the total progress you have made in the game.

There are fourteen ways:

  • Account Level
  • No. of weapon tomes
  • No. of Hero Tomes:
  • No. of obtained *6 heroes
  • No. of MAX trained *6 heroes
  • No. of MAX berried *6 heroes
  • No. of forged *6 Soulbound Weapons
  • No. of unlocked champions
  • No. of MAX champions
  • No. of obtained costumes
  • No. of entries into Master Tier of Colosseum
  • Account activation date
  • Consecutive login days
  • Monuments

Monuments Edit

There are currently 15 known monuments:

  • Love Letter - a love letter with a big heart shaped seal. "Thank you for finding me" is written on the back, but there's no hint as to who wrote it. TO GET: Click on two heroes who have a relationship in the town. (eg: Giparang and Yeoweodong).
  • Yellow Card - A card given by a man in black to the hero who snuck out of the boundaries of Hero Town.  Apparently, you’re not supposed to go there. TO GET: Tap on the heroes in the town. They will walk left after the animation is over. Repeat this until you have reached the left side of Hero Town.
  • Seashell - A seashell given by the embarrassed Seiren, who begged you to keep her mishap a secret.  It seems to be considered very valuable among the Naga tribe. TO GET: Have Seiren as part of your team and watch the Episode 3 cutscene - Rising Hope.
  • Dilapidated Machine - An old but classy machine, given by Road Industry to the mercenary that activated a secret code. TO GET: Open up the Account Information tab and repeatedly click the icon with the main hero on it. Eventually you will receive the monument
  • Gas Mask of Love - A gas mask that used to belong to Spyro. Spiny remodeled it for her own purposes. TO GET: Run a level with both Spiny and Spyro as part of your team.
  • Golden Scarecrow Statue - A monument presented by Road industry to the mercenary who broke their top-of-the-line scarecrow. TO GET: Kill the practice dummy in practice mode. This is easily accomplished by using Melissa and clicking "Arm Soulbound Weapons."
  • Valencia Medal of Honor - A badge of honor from Valencia, presented for fighting Soltar and freeing the Fortress of Souls. TO GET: First, defeat Soltar in Floor 10 of Fortress of Souls. Then, acquire *6 Dark Knight Lionel, *6 Joan of Arc, *6 Aria of Stars, *6 Archon the Enlightened, and Goddess Chronos. Watch the story between Joan of Arc, Lionel, and Archon. Finally, enter the Fortress of Souls - Floor 10, select *6 Dark Knight Lionel, *6 Aria of Stars, *6 Archon the Enlightened, and Goddess Chronos. Then mop the floor with Soltar.
  • Bridge of Crows - A bridge made of crows to let Altair and Rebecca rendezvous over the Milky Way.  While formed by birds, it is said to be sturdy. TO GET: Run Practice Mode with 6* Altair and 6* Rebecca. Arm Soulbound weapons and use Altair's 3-chain and Rebecca 1-chain.
  • VIP Membership - A card given by the thankful Popo to a mercenary leader who bought out her store.  Toto’s pawprint is stamped on the front. TO GET: Buy every single item Popo is selling on a single visit. It is recommended to find her in a lower level as the wares cost less there.
  • Explorer Badge - Lorelei sometimes wears this badge while traveling with other heroes, trying to spread her knowledge and know-how in the field of archaeology. TO GET: Send *6 Lorelei on an exploration and watch her in the exploration window until she does a unique animation.
  • Red card - A card given to the mercenary who sent a hero out side of Hero Town through extraordinary means. How did you come up with something like this? TO GET: This one is very similar to Yellow Card. After clicking the hero, they will walk slightly to the left, followed by a long walk to the right. Repeat the process until a hero reaches the right of the portals.
  • Hero Print Body Pillow - A body pillow used by a mercenary leader obsessed with their fellow heroes. TO GET: Upgrade 5 of the same promotable hero, or 3 of the same premium hero, to 6 stars. The pillow will have the hero’s image on it and can only be obtained once. (Note: Hidden heroes count as premium heroes)
  • Badge of Honor - A badge of honor bestowed by the Kingdom to the mercenary who became a legend all throughout the lands of Hasla.  It looks very familiar, for some reason. TO GET: Place in the top 3 of the weekly colosseum and obtain a reaction from the goddesses in the goddess room.
  • Deluxe Gourmet Cat Food - Taro’s pet food, given to the mercenary leader who found Remi’s secret stash of gold. TO GET: Complete Witch Race dungeon until you get the 300,000 gold reward from one of the pouches.
  • Elegy of Kurenai - An elegy left by Tsukino Kurenai,the first Priestess of Ryu, before her death. The poem seems to bear a cryptic message to her descendants. TO GET: First, defeat The Sixth Lord of Heaven in The Legend of Primal Flames. Second, obtain *6 Great Shaman Himiko, Red Bullet Saiga, Shogun Susanoo, General Mundeok, and Champion Kurenai (rank doesn't matter). Third, obtain the Primal Flames ring The Relic of the First Priestess. Fourth, equip the ring onto either Himiko, Saiga, or Susanoo. Bring Himiko, Saiga, Susanoo, and Kurenai into the Crater of Primal Flames level in The Legend of Primal Flames. Fifth, when the "Boss" warning appears, activate Kurenai immediately to defeat the boss. Last, rewatch the cutscene in the Library of Dimensions.

Special Thanks to leewhat in game and  CalvinCopyright on reddit, they discovered Red Card and the other 13 monuments respectively. Thanks to icyblue87 who found the 15th monument.

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