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This wiki uses templates for most of its pages. Each template has documentation that will help you figure out how to use it properly. The most common templates that you might be editing are Hero Display and Skill Display. See Category:Crusaders Quest templates for a list of the wiki's templates.

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Things to know:

  • We try to get our images directly from the cache files so making your own images from screenshots is not recommended
  • Categories are added automatically by the templates
  • When imputing the class into a template it's always lower case (ex. warrior not Warrior)


New HeroEdit

You may just input the name of the Hero below to create one, when there is no such a hero.


This is the information of the codes to create the page of Heros.

 |name         = 
 |desc         = 
 |class        = 
 |rarity       = 
 |source1      = 
 |source2      = 
 |source3      = 
 |source4      = 
 |skill        = 
 |skillActive  = 
 |skillPassive = 

 |atk          = 
 |hp           = 
 |armor        = 
 |resist       = 
 |crit         = 
 |maxatk       = 
 |maxhp        = 
 |maxarmor     = 
 |maxresist    = 

 |type         = 
 |promofrom    = 
 |promoto      = 


Parameter Desc
name Name of the Hero, for image, interlink, etc.
desc Background Information
class Class of the Hero, (warrior, paladin, archer, hunter, wizard, or priest)
rarity 1-6
atk Attack Stats of Lv1
hp HP Stats of Lv1
crit Critical Attack
armor Armor Stats of Lv1
resist Resistance Stats of Lv1
maxatk Attck Stats of Lv Max (Without +1)
maxhp HP Stats of Lv Max (Without +1)
maxarmor Armor Stats of Lv Max (Without +1)
maxresist Resistance Stats of Lv Max (Without +1)
skill Name of the Skill
skillActive Description of the Skill when Active
skillPassive Description of the Passive Skill
source1 Source of the hero
source2 Source of the hero
source3 Source of the hero
type 1 = Legendary Hero, 2 = Master Hero, 3 = Normal

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