• Blueicicle360

    This wikia seems to not have been updated in a long time due to several newer master heroes missing pages, or being miscategorized, or not put into categories at all. Example: Aria does not have a page, while Mamba has a page but was misclassified as a 'legendary hero'. Listed below are Master heroes missing from the 'master hero' category, let me know if I missed any.

    I plan on creating pages for those who do not have one already, as well as reclassifying pages for those who have miscategorized pages.

    Lionel DONE

    Arita DONE

    Sien DONE












    (Dox already has a correctly classified page)










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  • Frosteblader
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  • Frosteblader
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  • Frosteblader
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  • Frosteblader
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  • Frosteblader
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  • Micyeung723
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  • Micyeung723

    • The Void
    • Path of Rage

    • Rochefort (Warrior)
    • Teresa (Hunter)
    • Roland (Paladin)
    • Cano (Wizard)

    • Destiny Point
      • When you don’t get a Legendary Hero in last floor of each stages of ancient dungeon, you may possibly collect Destiny Points. Upon collecting all the required amount of Destiny Points, you can trade them in to get 1 Legendary Hero that is available in the stage. Get better chances of acquiring Destiny Points in the Dungeons by purchasing new Shop Item, Potion of Destiny (2 Hours) for 5 Jewels.

    • In each Hard Mode chapter, more than 10 NEW quests have been added!

    Training Ground has been found! You may obtain a lot of Honor in the Training Ground, which is located in the Ancient Dungeon. We heard that monsters in the Ancient Dungeon don’t take damage be…

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  • Micyeung723

    • V
      • It was destroyed by R-0 during an operation, which led it to run rampant. Now, it’s on a mission to completely eliminate R-0, and nothing will stand in its way.
      • Unlimited!: It charges towards the enemy causing physical damage, depending on the number of chains. When chain-3 is used, it takes 40% less damage with 50% chance.
      • Passive: When it uses a chain-3 block, its damage increases by 70% of his resistance for 5 seconds. If an ally uses a block within the effect, chain-3’s are re-activated up to 4 times. The third activation increases damage by 75%.
    • Dara
      • She’s from a nomadic tribe that prefers peace instead of war. Her life consisted of riding elephants with her family, singing, and dancing. Dara's singing and dancing has healing powers. She…

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  • Micyeung723

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  • Micyeung723
    • Weapon upgrade defense option not working properly will be fixed
    • CQ opening up Facebook automatically upon log in will be fixed
    • More legible fonts will be implemented
    • 4*~5* Gon’s 2-chain block acting like 1 chain will be fixed
    • Allies not recognizing 4*~5* Niven’s 3 chain block will be fixed
    • Allies not recognizing 6* Niven’s 1, 2-chain block will be fixed
    • Enhanced passive not working when 6* Night Queen Lilith equipped 5* Soul Reaper will be fixed
    • 4*~6* Drake’s passive abnormally increasing an ally's critical chance too much will be fixed
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  • Micyeung723

    Apostle Soltar and his army woke up from the spell!

    Help Archon stop Soltar's evil plan and collect the materials to create a Soulbound weapon!
    Fortress of Souls can be entered after you have cleared Episode 2-1 in Hard mode.
    To avoid detection from Soltar, a Hero can enter the Fortress of Souls only once per day. So gather up more Heroes to clear the Fortress of Souls!

    When you attempt the Fortress of Souls for the first time each day, Lednas will give you a reward whether you win or lose.

    • Collect the pieces of the legendary crystal sword, Danan, and create a Soulbound weapon!
    • Forge a 4 star Soulbound weapon, and upgrade it to a 6 star weapon.
      • ★4 Soulbound weapon - 2 upgrade options
      • ★5 Soulbound weapon - 2 upgrade options, 1 passive option
      • ★6 Soul…

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  • Micyeung723

    New User Level Up System

    • First Time Login – 200 Honor
    • Reach Lvl. 5: 300 Honor & 5,000Gold
    • Reach Lvl. 10: 500 Honor & 3-Star Weapon
    • Reach Lvl. 15: 1 Hour Milk

    2 NEW Heroes

    Balance Changes

    1. Passive Skill of Devil Slayer Abel: For 1 second after Winds of Vengeance, 150% of all damaged is reflected back at the enemy. For the next 2 seconds, 75% of all damage is reflected back at the enemy as neutral damage. When triggered, heals the character for 10% and increases the Hero’s attack power by 30% for 5 seconds.
    2. Passive Skill of Vane the Dark Knight: If allies’ used chain-3 combo after Pillar of Destruction, summons 5 pillars of destruction that does 150% neutral damage. If attacked by enemy that was damaged by Pillar of Destruction, the attack power of t…

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  • Micyeung723

    15/03/12 Patch Notes

    April 15, 2015 by Micyeung723

    When you use the new Contract Roll feature to get 10 new Heroes, a4-Star is guaranteed for the 10th Hero! Consolation Bread System

    • When you use a Class orPremium Contract, if you get a Hero you already have in your Tome, you will get a FREE Bread equal to 1+ the Hero’s Level! For example, if you get a 3-Star First Class Maid that you already have in your Tome, a 4-Star Bread will be sent to your Mailbox!
    • Remember to check your Mailbox to claim your Bread, and that this reward only applies when you use Class or Premium Contracts!

    We’ve added a brand new way to bake! The Stone Oven will bake 1 5-StarBread and 2 to 4 3-5 Star Bread! There is a 24-hour cool down time for the oven.

    • Flame of Avarice: Pulls in enemies and deals x% of attack of physic…

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  • Micyeung723
    • Uzimant (Warrior)
    He is a warrior of the Nosgard's wolf tribe. He became the chief after fighting for the love of his life.
    Every time you use a set number of automatic attacks, he uses a consecutive hit that deals physical damage. The attack speed increases if you use a chain-3. Except for special skills, all the attacks will deal up to 75% more damages for 5 sec.
    • Stanya (Paladin)
    A young engineer from the Clock City, Megatronics, that creates sentinels for the advancement of the human race.
    When you use chain-3, allies become immune to negative effects for a certain amount of time. When hit while this effect is active, Stanya dashes forward and deals physical damage.
    • Niven (Archer)
    She was imprisoned after committing a crime. They later release…

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  • Jellybean333

    I was wondering

    March 14, 2015 by Jellybean333

    Since there's a Chinese wiki now, will there be a Korean wiki too in the future?

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