Able to attack enemies in the rear. Also great at sustaining attacks.

Archers are 1 of the 6 hero classes in Crusaders Quest. During battle, they will stay in the backline of the party, shooting arrows at enemies. They usually have equal armor and resistance with a few exceptions. The legendary archers are Demon Archer Sigruna and Demona the Red Lotus.

Archers and hunters make up the two ranged classes in the game. Compared to the melee classes, warriors and paladins, they tend to have more attack power at the expense of HP.

List of ArchersEdit

Legendary ArchersEdit

Sigruna of Endeavor
Sigruna of Spirit
Expert Archer Sigruna
God Archer Sigruna
Demon Archer Sigruna
Demona the Fiend
Demona of the Pit
Demona of Revenge
Demona of Dawn
Demona the Red Lotus

Master ArchersEdit

Bone Beast Gon
Bone Dragon Gon
Hanzo of Swiftness
Hanzo of Gale
Robin Hood
Righteous Outlaw Robin Hood
Nobleman Robin Hood
Giparang of Half Moon
Giparang of Full Moon
Bullseye Hikari
Hawk Eye Hikari
Frozen Shade Niven
Frozen Phantom Niven
Spoiled Arona
Femme Fatale Arona
Superior Magnus
Noble Magnus
Chaser Atalante
Moonlight Chaser Atalante
Green Mamba
Black Mamba
Dancer Lee
Principal Dancer Lee
Hawk Eye Lahima
Daughter of Hawk Lahima
Ghost Friend Viola
Ghost Princess Viola
Princess Kaguya
Moon Princess Kaguya

Normal ArchersEdit

Name Rarity How to Obtain
Foxniper StarStarStar Volcano 4-7
Mechanical Girl StarStarStar Gravity Labyrinth 19
Clown StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-23
Velvet Archer StarStarStar Deep Sea 3-17
Animal Loving Adventurer StarStarStar Volcano 4-21
Space Cadet Y StarStarStar Gravity Labyrinth 14
Polar Hunter StarStarStar Epic Quests
Private Archer Club StarStarStar Volcano 4-19
Green Elf StarStarStar Ancient Dungeon
Frost Archer StarStarStar Tundra 1-19
Search Member StarStar Forest (Hard)1-1
Desert Warrior StarStar Desert 2-8
Green Apple StarStar Deep Sea 3-5
Roman Female Archer StarStar Desert 2-14
Royal Cleaner StarStar Deep Sea 3-15
Half Elf StarStar Deep Sea 3-9
Golden Archer Group StarStar Volcano 4-15
Northern Hunter StarStar Tundra 1-21
Petty Thief Star Forest 1-11
Girl Scout Star Forest 1-17
Country Girl Star Forest 1-23
Kunoichi Star Gravity Labyrinth 4

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